Monday, 1 June 2009

I'm not sure how this will look. I was playing around with the image in photoshop. I'm still not 100% when choosing what file to do image, and the size etc. I am used creating images for print and I did these on the 'web' setting to see what happened.

I wanted them to look as if they had been coloured with paint and pastel on a nicely textured canvas. There is so much choice of colours and tones in these programmes - so many ways to play; you really have to know what you are looking for. I did not and chose the green and blue combinations because they resonated with me most, at-the-time (I'll probably hate this tomorrow!).

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  1. Hello, nice blog. Quiz call, what's that about? There used to be really great late nice tv rubbish on now it's just quizcall, which leaves you feeling abused like the tv guy is punching you in the face with his moronic chirpy-ness.